The First World War, 1914–1918

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Please note: during the First World War there were no modern republics and regions — were provinces and districts of the Russian Empire, the boundaries of which are often different from the boundaries of the modern territores. Place names are indicated as of the date of the war.

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No.SurnameOther namesProvince, Uezd, Volost, Place
1. Сератинский, Петр Ватаситович Сератинский Петр Ватаситович Варшавское ген.-губ., Варшавская губ., Блонский у., гм. Гродиск, д. Хиж…
Military rank: Старший унтер-офицер
Religion: Римско-католическое
Marital status: Женат
Event: Пропал без вести
Event date: 7 ноя.1914
Source: “Именной список №230 убитым, раненым и без вести пропавшим нижним чинам.”, pg.3680

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