The First World War, 1914–1918

The project of Union of Revival of Pedigree Traditions

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The searching by surname process can be automatically expanded with using the similar surnames. The lists of persons were initially handwritten, and written as it was heard, therefore the same surname in the lists can be put differently.

The searching by name process can be automatically expanded with using the name common abbreviations and shortcuts. Partial matches are displayed at the end of the list and highlighted by color.

In every text fields you can use wildcard characters: “?” (question) — matches any single character, “*” (asterisk) — matches a one or more characters of any kind. If you use wildcard characters, automatic expanding of the search does not work.

If you do not have Russian keyboard, you can type text in transliteration — it will be automatically encoded in Russian letters. See the conversion table.

In the lists you can select or deselect several values. To do this, click the mouse while holding down “Ctrl” key (“Command” key for Mac).

In the fields “Source number”, “Source page” and “Record ID” you can list several values separated by commas or spaces.

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What to do now?

  1. Try to search for different spellings for names and places.
    The lists initially were handwritten. In situation of war. Some of them are made by not very literate clerks. The various errors could been added during their writing, printing in typography and during modern digitizing by volunteers;
  2. Remove one search criteria and repeat search.
    Perhaps, some information not to added to database completely by some reason;
  3. Wait for one-two weeks and repeat you search.
    Our database is constantly updated with new materials. Perhaps, we will add information that you search;